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Shark Tank’s Biggest Success Is Why I Have No More Excuses To Not Clean

Shark Tank’s Biggest Success Is Why I Have No More Excuses To Not Clean

If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you probably know of Scrub Daddy. Everyone in the US does. This household name was the game-changer of cleaning products, back in 2012 when it exploded in popularity. After an appearance on Shark Tank, it has since become one of its biggest success stories and is now even trending on TikTok. 

So, what’s the deal with Scrub Daddy and why does everyone love him so much?


The Father of All Cleaning Products

America’s favourite sponge, the original Scrub Daddy is a revolutionary all-in-1 cleaner that makes cleaning… fun?! Thanks to the amazing FlexTexture® technology, he’s firm and tough in cold water, but turns soft and absorbent in warm water (WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?). 

That makes him perfect for both heavy duty cleaning and gentle dish washing. Plus, he’s scratch-free and safe for scrubbing all sorts of surfaces including glass, non-stick coating, stainless steel, ceramic and more. 

My favourite part? He’s literally an emoji. Scrub Daddy’s signature smiley face look is insanely cute — and useful, I’ll tell you why in a bit!

Why Scrub Daddy is a Godsend to Our Homes

If you’re like me (i.e.: busy and lazy), you probably always feel like cleaning up another day. That’s why Scrub Daddy’s such a game-changer. 

No need to soak your oily, dirty dishes and wait around forever. In its firm state, Scrub Daddy can remove stubborn cooking and baking stains without the need for extra products with harsh chemicals. 

It also cleans itself up really well! With warm water and a few squeezes, your Scrub Daddy’s good as new, and dries within the hour. That means no mold and he smells as good as he looks. 

Remember what I said about its iconic smiley face? Its mouth lets you clean both sides of spoons and utensils quickly. If you’re trying to clean hard-to-reach spots such as the bottom of a narrow mug, use its two eyes for easy grip. The circular shape helps clean the sides and bottom in one smooth 360-degree motion. Cute AND ergonomically designed.


A Family That Cleans Together

If you think Scrub Daddy’s already a delight, wait till you meet his family: Scrub Mommy and Eraser Daddy 10x. 

Scrub Mommy is living proof of “anything a man can do, a woman can do it better”. She’s a double-sided multi-tasker — on one side, you have the FlexTexture® foam for a good scrub. Then flip it and wipe with her ResoFoam® Side, which is 6x more absorbent and produces 60% more soap suds, on top of being odour and stain-resistant. 

Next, say hi to Eraser Daddy 10x and bye to signs of everyday wear. A great companion to your cleaning products, it’s a super innovative and durable eraser that lasts 10x longer than the competition. First, use the signature FlexTexture® side to scrub away rough surface debris. Then, with its cool blend of FlexTexture® gems, easily erase scuff marks (from crayons, pencils and markers etc) and residue such as soap scum. 

So there goes all my excuses for not cleaning up, one at a time. Your turn to make cleaning a joy — Scrub Daddy is coming to Singapore, right here on Sample Store! Soon, you can get your hands on the incredibly popular original Scrub Daddy, or complete the family with Scrub Mommy and Eraser Daddy 10x.

 In case you missed it, here are 3 other scrubs that we’ve added to the ongoing collection on Sample Store. 

Scrub Daddy Colors 

It’s our classic beloved Scrub Daddy, now in three new gorgeous colours! Go for a cool blue, a bright orange or an emerald green, and have fun colour coding your cleaning supplies. 

Sponge Daddy 

If you already love Scrub Daddy, get ready to fall head over heels for the Sponge Daddy. This versatile double-sided powerhouse is six times more absorbent and with his ResoFoam®️ side, he produces 60% more suds! Plus, he’s odour and stain resistant. Each set of 3 comes in bright, happy colours for your colour coding. 😊 

Scour Daddy 

We all know how scouring is hard work. Scour Daddy means business and he is ready for your worst burnt dishes with his trademark ArmorTec®️ mesh. He’s even got a FlexTexture®️ core for extra structure and absorbency, making it 18% stronger than other scours. With that signature smiley face print, it’s 100% cuter too.

Click here to read more. 


New In October

Come October 2021, there are 2 new Scrub Daddy products that will be joining the family! We have the strong and mighty Scrub Daddy Steel and the ever-trusty Sponge Caddy. 

Need an introduction? Scrub Daddy Steel is a mighty one that tears through tough messes like grease build-up and stains. It features a FlexTexture foam core that resists rust and odors, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it so soon. Remember, it’s not to be used for delicate and coated surfaces.  


Let’s get to the Sponge Caddy. It drains, and it protects! Sponge Caddy is a simple and adorable universal sponge holder for your Scrub Daddy sponges or other traditional shaped scrub pads. It adheres well to most smooth and clean surfaces and has an open design that allows draining and drying between uses.  


We can’t wait for you to meet the new members of the Scrub Daddy family! With so many sponges for different uses in the Scrub Daddy family, you’ll be sure to find something you need for your clean-ups. Visit Sample Store or Shopee to grab it now. 

Bundle Deals Refresh

This festive season, Sample Store is introducing different variations of your favourite bundle deals which are up for sale on our website! 

The Variety 6 Pack - Bundle Price $25.90 (NEW!)

1x Scrub Daddy
1x Scrub Mommy
4x Sponge Daddy 

Happy Twogether - Bundle Price $11.90

1x Scrub Daddy

1x Scrub Mommy

Scour Bundle - Bundle Price $12.90 (NEW!)

1x Scour Daddy 3pc
1x Scour Daddy Steel 2pc

Smiley Bundle - Bundle Price $16.90 (NEW!)

1x Scrub Daddy Color
1x Sponge Caddy

Festive Promo

Scrub Daddy is ready for all your festive cleaning. Your favourite scrubbers now come in 2 different shapes including 'Douglas the Fir' and 'Rudy the Reindeer'! These special edition shapes are here to make your spirits bright and clean. 

Spend a minimum of $29.90 on Scrub Daddy products in a single transaction, and you will receive a free Christmas Exclusive Scrub Daddy sponge worth $7.90. How cute are these Christmas sponges?! Available only while supplies last.

Take home one of these adorably festive sponges to aid in your cleaning needs. Starting adding your favourite Scrub Daddy sponges to cart on Sample Store.


Check out what others have been doing with Scrub Daddy on Tiktok:


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♬ Up Beat (Married Life) - Kenyi

Todos mis días representados en 15 segundos 😂🧽 @scrubdaddy ❤️ ##scrubdaddy ##babyyoda ##limpiando ##cleaningtiktok ##humor ##stylehacks ##fyp

♬ sonido original - S & B


Plus, Scrub Daddy is looking for star influencers in Asia to be Scrub Daddy Ambassadors! Think you’ve got what it takes? Tell us more about yourself here and you might just be the chosen one! 

Sign up for Sample Store here to find out more and look out for updates on Scrub Daddy in June.



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