Sample Store Review: I-Balance Botanical Respir-All

Sample Store Review: I-Balance Botanical Respir-All

It’s our turn to review I-Balance Botanical Respir-All from Best of Taiwan 2019

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Here’s our review on I-Balance Botanical Respir-All.

About I-Balance Botanical Respir-All

I-Balance Botanical Respir-All is made from a mix of herbal extracts. They work together to relieve cough, reduce phlegm and make you feel fresher. Specifically, it contains Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium (Luo Han) extract, lily extract, Glycyrrhizae Radix (liquorice root) extract and echinacea extract which combat cough, flu, cold and sore throat, giving you the herbal relief you need when you are feeling under the weather. An anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant powerhouse -- red algae extract (astaxanthin) -- is also added to assist in body recover.

I-Balance Botanical Respir-All is also recommended to Singaporeans who are exposed to air pollution and/or at risk of developing respiratory diseases, such as smokers and elderly. It contains Siberian ginseng extract and vitamin E which helps to strengthen the body, boost immunity and increase general resistance to daily stress.

Our Review on I-Balance Botanical Respir-All

Generally, if you believe in the chinese concept of “heatiness”, you will find I-Balance Botanical Respir-All useful. It is a portable herbal relief which you can carry around with ease. It smells like Pi Pa Gao (枇杷膏) -- which I know many Chinese Singaporeans grew up with and love eating it (I’m a fan myself) -- but the granular powder looks like the instant chrysanthemum tea the kopitiam uncle would pull out from his counter.

Don't be deceived by its look! It’s not an instant herbal drink! You are supposed to eat I-Balance Botanical Respir-All by itself. Of course, you can also opt to drink a cup of water after you are done.

Do not mix I-Balance Botanical Respir-All in water! Have them separately for the best results .

The granular powder is minty and has a strong herbal taste. The powder was dry at first, but after I twirled it around my mouth, it turned into a creamy texture that was easy to swallow. I do realise that I need to take a few sips of water in between to finish the entire package. To me, that was a good problem. I love the cooling sensation down my throat and my nasal passage after taking I-Balance Botanical Respir-All. Drinking water between a few mouth of I-Balance Botanical Respir-All helps me to prolong that sensation (hehe).

In general, I love the cooling sensation I-Balance Botanical Respir-All brings. It tasted like a mix between a mint and Pi Pa Gao (枇杷膏)! I wasn’t able to test if it would be effective against cough and phlegm because i didn't have those symptoms. To me, the product seemed like Pi Pa Gao -- something delicious that you eat to keep yourself in good health. But I may be judging it too soon! For this reason, I'll try it again when I’m not feeling well.

What is your Review?

This is my take I-Balance Botanical Respir-All. If you are having cough, phlegm or is feeling heaty, do redeem a sample at and let us know if this product worked for you! Simply leave us a review at or tag us at @SampleStore on Facebook or Instagram! You can also purchase a pack of 5 at! It’s currently at a discounted price of $7.20!

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