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Sample Store New Website Updates

Sample Store New Website Updates

Yes, we have moved! In our never-ending quest to provide the easiest way to find products online, we have migrated our website and made a few site updates: 


1. Free Delivery for All Samples

Sample Store Pouches and BoxesI'm sure this is the update that you'll be most excited about -- no delivery fee for samples! From 8 Jan 2021 onwards, as long as you checkout out 3 and more samples, there will be no delivery fee. However, if you choose 2 samples and below, there will be a nominal delivery fee of $1.50.  Basically, we will be absorbing the delivery cost so that you can redeem more samples, try more products and find products that truly work for you! 

To find out more about how sample redemption works, please refer to our FAQ: https://www.samplestore.com/pages/faq


2. Improved Website Speed


This is the most important update of them all. In fact, this is the main reason behind the website migration. We understand the frustration that our members had to go through, but that is in the past! Moving forward, you can spend lesser time waiting and more time shopping! 


3. New Review Platform - Stashally


In our bid to build a community of product savvy Singaporeans, we are collaborating with Stashally. Moving forward, Sample Store members will have to sign up as Stashally member in order to leave reviews. Once you are a Stashally member, you'd be able to join Sample Store Stashally and connect with the Sample Store community! Feel free to chat with fellow beauty-lovers and experience junkies in the group via the chat function and share all about your Sample Store experience. Side note: your reviews will automatically be reflected on both Sample Store Stashally and samplestore.com (specifically the product page which you left the review on). 


4. New Review Format & Requirements

Our goals for 2021 is to become a trust-worthy website where any readers, no matter if you are a member or not, will be able to read authentic reviews. That's why we have made some changes to our review page. We have removed the need to rate products based on their efficacy. In turn, all reviews need to be accompanied by taken photography of the sample -- as proof that you have tried the sample. We are still working to include new review formats, such as videography, and fine-tune our review page. While the changes are being set in place, we hope to seek your understanding that the change is for a greater good; for a more constructive community of beauty- and experience-seekers.


5. Sample Store SG Telegram Channel


To make it easy for you to stay updated on the latest sample launches and promotion, we have created Sample Store SG Telegram Channel. Join us and be the first few to redeem the latest samples! Heads-up: we may be running telegram exclusive giveaways and promotions. You have been informed in advance!


More Updates Coming Along

So far, these are the major site updates. More will be coming! Stay tuned to this page or head to @samplestore Instagram/Facebook for more updates.