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Pack on Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C with These Delicious Fruity Drinks

Pack on Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C with These Delicious Fruity Drinks

As we live in a place with a warm climate like Singapore, it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated. While there is no lack of drink options to quench our thirst, Suntory’s range of fruity drinks, C.C. Lemon and Ribena provide refreshing goodness that is perfect for the weather. Both drinks are also rich in Vitamin C and great for pairing with your meals which you have decided to feast on.

Refresh Your Tastebuds Instantly

Kick back, relax and sip on the refreshing Vitamin C.C. Lemon drink from Suntory. Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon is the number 1 lemon-flavoured carbonated drink in Japan. Singaporeans have been enjoying its refreshing citrus taste that also provides them with their boost of vitamin C, all in a single drink. It contains real lemon juice with no added preservatives and is packed with lots of vitamin C goodness. All these make for a revitalizing carbonated drink that can be consumed during any time of the day.

I have always heard good things about Japanese drinks and have mostly enjoyed those that I have tried. Hearing rave reviews from friends who have tried C.C. Lemon, I was largely interested to try it to see how it would fare in my taste department. 

Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon Taste Test: 

The drink smells pleasantly citrusy upon opening. I could tell it was lightly carbonated since there was only a slight fizzy sound when its opened, as compared to other carbonated drinks. I took a sip and the first thought that came to my mind was how refreshing it was! The taste of lemon was pronounced but not overwhelming. There was a nice balance between the sweet and sour notes. I did not mind the subtle fizziness as I felt that it elevated the drink profile. What made the drink even more enjoyable was knowing that my body was getting its boost of vitamin C with every mouthful. I felt revitalized after a few tries. This is a drink that I would definitely stock up in my refrigerator and relish it during hotter days.

If you are a fan of all things citrus and zesty, be sure to try Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon drink the next time around. After trying Vitamin C.C. Lemon, I can say that it will be included in my choice of on-the-go refreshing beverage the next time I am out and about.  


The Nostalgic Blackcurrant Drink That We Love


Satisfy your penchant for fruity drinks with another selection of vitamin C enriched drink, one that is popular in most of our childhoods - Ribena

Fun Fact: To end the debate of its pronunciation once and for all, Ribena is pronounced “Rye-bena”.

Mention Ribena to anyone in Singapore, and you will find that it is an instantly recognizable drink whose name we are all familiar with. It is known as a source of vitamin C for children throughout many generations and its sweet and luscious blackcurrant flavour have made it a popular, fruity drink in Singapore, as well as other parts of the world. 

Ribena contains European blackcurrant extracts, and does not have any artificial flavouring, colouring or sweeteners. It comes in both carbonated and non-carbonated options. Singaporeans of any age can enjoy its amazing fruity flavours on all occasions.

Currently, it comes in Original Blackcurrant, Sparkling, Less Sweet, Light and Blackcurrant + Strawberry flavours. For more ideas for recipes, you can check out Ribena FB page for more updated recipes.

Both Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon and Ribena drinks are refreshing choices that you can enjoy conveniently at any time of the day. Are you craving for some refreshing and delicious drinks yet? Hop on to Redmart to check out great deals for Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon and Ribena, and place your orders right away!


Win attractive prizes by drinking Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon and Ribena!

To add to the fun, how about a chance to win attractive prizes? You can do so by taking part in the #HitYourC challenge! Get your daily essential boost of Vitamin C with Ribena and Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon, and take your C to a new high! Showcase your best effort in hitting the ‘C’ note while sipping on Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon and Ribena drinks, and you might just be the winner of the #HitYourC contest.

Curious? Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Watch the TikTok video on @cclemonsg Facebook pages
  2. Sip on a Ribena or C.C. Lemon, sing along and hit your highest ‘C’ note
  3. Stitch your TikTok video and post with hashtag #HitYourC
  4. The video with the most likes win!
Learn how to sing along to the jingle here:


Need a little more inspiration? Check out some of the current contest entries right here:

When life gives you lemon, make some lemonade! #HityourC #VitCMajor #like #lemons #ribena #lemonade

♬ original sound - Scott8979

Explore the hashtag #HitYourC for more entries.  

Get your FREE dose of Vitamin C, Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon and Ribena from Sample Store today!

Head on over to Redmart to purchase your stash of Suntory Vitamin C.C. Lemon and Ribena.

Sip on your vitamin C packed goodness and start singing! Contest ends 31 May 2021. 



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