Ooh MALA: A Bite of Joy

Ooh MALA x Sample Store: A Bite of Joy

What’s in a Mala hotpot? Meltingly delicious meats and vegetables simmered in a swirling concoction of brown and red soup, designed to satisfy a savoury palette and wake up one’s tastebuds at midnight. It’s a taste that Singaporeans know of - its key ingredient, the ubiquitous Sze Chuan pepper used unsparingly by Mala hotpot chefs in traditional recipes passed down from the days of winter old. 

And no matter how those recipes switch up, that special combination of savoury stock and Sze Chuan peppers resonate with people of all ages- even young children- for the Sze Chuan pepper exists within that special niche of being tongue-numbingly addictive without the painful spicy after taste on the Scoville scale.


Singaporeans enjoying Ooh MALA Potato Chips (Sample Store)


When it comes to the mala taste, Singaporeans have only a love relationship with it, and do Singaporeans love our food! Why else would we travel from the West to the East just for a bowl of noodles, or gather a group of friends late at night for the sole purpose of eating? But what happens when the craving for that addictive mala spice crops up in the middle of the day as the munchies hit, or when you’re already comfortably seated in front of NETFLIX on a weekday night? Answer: You reach for that famous pack of Ooh MALA POTATO CHIPS, lovingly bought in advance and tucked away in the special space reserved for only the tastiest snacks in emergencies like this.

Pull open the sealant by zipping it slowly along the packet to unveil a cloud of mala fragrance as the packet pops open to the familiar scent and sight of mala peppers that immediately excite the saliva glands. The authentic mala seasoning comes complete with Sze Chuan pepper shavings clinging to the sides of the packet, and generous portions of it on every MALA POTATO CHIP ensures a long-lasting, tongue-numbing spicy taste that all Mala aficionados would appreciate.


Ooh MALA Potato Chips Ingredients (Sample Store)



For those who prefer more bite to their mala chips, the Ooh MALA CASSAVA CHIPS is a must-add to the shopping cart. The same intense and tongue-numbing delicious mala flavour is brought out with every crunch. Cassava, being naturally nutty-flavoured in nature, bears a similar resemblance to the potato chip but delivers more crunch per bite for prolonged enjoyment, making it the ultimate snack for guru mala hot-pot and chip-lovers.

Protein lovers will appreciate Ooh’s MALA PEANUTS and MALA GREEN PEA that take the classic, crunchy everyday protein into tastydom with the added fieriness and savoury Mala spice. That lethal combination of mala spice and numbness is further amped with Ooh’s MALA FISH SKIN, which packs the perfect crunch and flavour ratio. Imagine the taste of crunchy fish skin dipped into a piping Mala Hotpot and that is what you get with this tub of oooh-inducing snack. The thick, crusty fish skin that goes “CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH” in your mouth is infused with the authentically hot and peppery red mala goodness, making each bite more addictive than the next. Pair this with MALA PRAWN CRACKERS, which uplevels the yummy old school prawn cracker with a serious dose of Mala spice- and your movie night is truly complete. 



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