The Next Healthy Instant Noodle Hype

The Next Healthy Instant Noodle Hype

Sun-dried, handmade noodles from Kim’s Noodles

It has been a while since we were introduced to the concept of healthy instant. Remember the Taiwanese brand, Kiki? Yeah, they were the first to bring it in Singapore. Over the course of the years, several other Taiwanese noodle brands continue to research and improve on new ways to make instant noodles healthier (Yay for lazy, fuss-free Singaporeans!). One of the successful brands is Kim’s Noodles.

Kim’s Noodles produces handmade, vegan, preservative-free and stabiliser-free noodles, with savoury sauces that do not contain any artificial spices. Their noodles are made in Kinmen-style (Kinmen is an island in Taiwan where they are based), and it’s their wish to bring their hometown flavours and noodles overseas so that people all over the world can try their hometown tastes. Kind of cool right? It gives you the warm, nostalgic kampong vibes.

This is why I was glad when Sample Store decided to bring in free samples of Kim's Noodles Vermicelli Noodles with Scallion Sauce and Knife-Cut Noodles with Pepper Sauce, cause I got a chance to try it!

This is Kim's Noodles Vermicelli Noodles with Scallion Sauce. It is packed with traditional specialty-Kinmen vermicelli and scallion sauce. It is recommended to boil the vermicelli within 3 minutes, but I boiled mine longer. Not exactly sure if it’s the right choice...

In the end, my noodles turned out soft and easy-to-chew! After adding and mixing in the fragrant and savoury sauce, I realised I’ve made a bowl of handmade dried “you mian” from the noodle store -- just that its the vermicelli version and that the fragrant fried scallion taste is much stronger, with a slightly sweet and salty soy taste.

Generally, this bowl of noodles feels very healthy. It didn’t have that plastic texture and taste that could be found in the usual instant noodles. The sauce also tasted clean and easy on the palate. I could imagine myself cooking this on nights when I want something light, though I’d probably top it up with lots of veggies and spam meat.

Next, I had Kim's Noodles Knife-Cut Noodles with Pepper Sauce. Inside the packet, you’ll find a pack of flat knife-cut noodles with tongue-numbing Sichuan chilli hot sauce.

I love how springy and bouncy the knife-cut noodles are! It’s probably that way because I cooked my noodles within 3-4 minutes (even though the recommended duration is 8 minutes) and the noodles were also naturally sun-dried over time, rather than deep-fried. Sun-dried noodles are usually bouncier, and healthier at the same time!

I also love the sauce! On my first bite, there was a distinctive Sichuan pepper taste and mild spiciness, then the sweet soy sauce followed after, giving it a nice lingering aftertaste. The more I eat, the stronger the tongue-numbing sensation became. I only have one word for this: shiok! This is the main highlight for me. There are just so many other “mala” noodles out there that are just spicy, with no Sichuan numbing sensation.

If you are someone who loves spicy food, but for some reason your tongue/stomach/digestive tract can’t take it, I’d totally recommend Kim's Noodles Knife-Cut Noodles with Pepper Sauce. It has the right amount of spiciness and the fragrance of the usual mala. My colleague who normally goes for “xiao la” could finish a bowl of this -- so can you.

Generally, I enjoyed both Kim's Noodles Vermicelli Noodles with Scallion Sauce and Knife-Cut Noodles with Pepper Sauce. However, as a mala-junkie, I’d prefer the Knife-Cut Noodles with Pepper Sauce!

The free sample packet of Vermicelli Noodles with Scallion Sauce and Knife-Cut Noodles with Pepper Sauce have run out of stock. However, if you are interested to purchase, do head over to the page to click "buy now" or read the reviews left by Sample Store members!

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