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New Mummies Will Definitely Love These Essentials For Postpartum Recovery

New Mummies Will Definitely Love These Essentials For Postpartum Recovery

For new mommies-to-be, the journey of preparing for your newborn’s arrival can be daunting, overwhelming, or even downright confusing. You may be busy setting up the nursery, avoiding raw fish, or even doing pregnancy yoga. However, one of the most crucial periods that some may forget to take note of is the postpartum period – the 6 to 8 weeks of recovery after giving birth.

During this time, your body will be undergoing many changes, both physically and emotionally, while you’re still learning how to navigate the new challenges that motherhood inevitably brings. Besides taking care of your baby, you also need to take care of yourself after a long pregnancy and tiring labour. But fret not: we’ve prepared a handy checklist for the basic essentials, PLUS 3 wonderfully convenient – but necessary – ways you can make your postpartum recovery easier and entirely stress-free!

What Your Baby Needs

  • Diapers and clothes being the obvious items, but don’t forget the mittens and booties: babies get cold easily! The mittens also help prevent accidental fingernail scratches on their faces.

  • Swaddle cloth: Calms babies down, prevents them from scratching themselves, and helps them sleep longer, keeping them on their backs.

  • Baby monitor: To keep an eye (or ear) out for your baby from another room.

  • Some other items depending on your nursery’s setup:

  • - Changing pad

  • - Baby bath tub

  • - Baby-safe wet wipes

  • - White noise machine (optional – may help baby sleep better)

What You’ll Need After Giving Birth

Basic Essentials:

  • Feeding bottles: If you’re breastfeeding, you would still need feeding bottles to feed your wailing infant in the middle of the night if latching is an issue and you’re grumpy and exhausted from lack of sleep.

  • Nursing bra: For ease of feeding when you’re out and about with your baby.

  • Nursing pads (also called breast pads): Helps absorb any leaking breast milk, preventing clothes stains.

  • Maternity pads: You will experience postnatal bleeding as your body expels a mixture of uterine tissue, mucus, and blood, called lochia. The bleeding usually begins quite heavily, so a maternity pad is necessary to handle the volume.

  • Milk storage bags: These help to store your breast milk in the fridge or freezer for longer periods of time.

  • Nipple cream: Soreness, tenderness, or even chafing and cracking may occur, so nipple cream is important to help your nipples recover well after each feeding.

  • Burp cloth: To use when feeding/burping your baby after feedings, so that they don’t dirty your clothes.

Other Essentials You Need:

Healthy, Un-Boring Fusion Confinement Food

Who says confinement food must be boring? You may have been told to avoid a variety of foods during confinement, and can only choose from a small, strict menu. But what if I told you, that instead of just the usual red-date tea and herbal soups, you could even enjoy Coq au Vin? Tender chicken, lovingly braised in a rich red wine sauce that is bursting with antioxidants, this Mediterranean dish has been an absolute hit with new mommies.

Tian Wei Signature takes confinement meals very seriously – as you should. Your postpartum body requires a plethora of herbs and nutrients to heal optimally. Tian Wei Signature believes that these meals must not only be full of essential ingredients, but should also be as appetising as possible, to boost the moods of these nursing mothers. This is why they provide not just the traditional – and appetising – confinement foods such as pork trotters in black vinegar, but also an exciting fusion menu consisting of amazing dishes like Coq au Vin, seared salmon with cauliflower cream, and even Kurobuta pork loin!

Besides these Western dishes, their extensive menu also covers Japanese delights that are perfect for mothers during confinement, such as a ginger miso soup made with katsuobushi – an ingredient jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Their skilled head chef, Chef Eugene, has over 16 years of experience and loves whipping up healthy yet tasty meals that every client raves about.

With Tian Wei Signature’s vast menu, you’ll never have to eat the same bland thing again during your confinement period. Chef Eugene’s innovative dishes can help boost not just your appetite, but also give your recovering body all the nutrients it needs to heal properly.

Postnatal Massage To Soothe & Heal

Besides replenishing your body with vital ingredients, you also need to take care of your body on the outside. As you begin the postnatal journey back to pre-pregnancy, you may experience some discomfort, struggle with lactation, or even worry about your weight. While every woman’s postnatal journey is different, the pressure we – or others – put on ourselves can be taxing for the body and mind.

This is where a postnatal massage can be of immense help. With PNSG, certified therapists ensure that your postnatal journey is a smooth and soothing one, using authentic products that soothe your senses. They offer myriad premium massages in the comfort of your own home, that can help to break down stubborn fats and reduce your water retention, speed up womb recovery, improving the repositioning of pelvic muscles and abdominal organs, as well as reduce any postnatal swelling and stiffness.

These massages can even help to boost the production of milk for breastfeeding, brighten and smoothen your skin, and even promote better sleep for those whose babies have been keeping them up at night. Whether you’ve had a natural birth or Caesarean delivery, the postnatal massage can help in easing sore spots and muscle tension. The expert therapists at PNSG take special care of your specific needs, even breast engorgement, with continuous attention throughout your massage to maximize its effectiveness and your comfort. They will even teach you how to massage your baby for free – that is how much they believe in the soothing power of massage!

It may sound like a luxury, but in this day and age, postnatal massages are becoming a necessity. Childbearing is a superhuman feat, and all mothers deserve this spa-like treat, after many months of providing for another human being with their body. And the best part is that you won’t even have to step out of your house! It’s time to give your body a break.

Self-Care Beauty Regimes

If you’re concerned about getting your pre-pregnancy body back, or simply just want to pamper your skin, you need to check out MODE Aesthetics. From its humble roots in a quaint shop in Tanglin Shopping Centre, MODE Aesthetics has grown to having its flagship branch at Orchard Road, along with a chain of stores in Bedok, Harbourfront, and Jurong, even expanding to Penang, Malaysia.

What sets MODE apart is that they work in tandem with aesthetic manufacturers and suppliers globally, from UK to Korea, to bring the latest technologies to their clients – they have over 70 different types! They’ve even won the prestigious Superbrands Award for the past 3 years in a row, and are patronized by many popular influencers in Singapore.

And it’s no wonder this brand is such a big hit. Known for their meticulously customised therapies that are crafted specifically for each client, they provide a huge array of unique treatments such as Fat Freezing, Laser Facials, Fractional Skin Rebirth, and dozens more.

Some of their signature treatments include the AlmaLASE™ Laser Facial, which uses an innovative In-Motion Laser Technology called AlmaLASE™ to target what they call the “3Ps”: Pimples, Pores, and Pigmentation. Visible results are often seen after just one session, with brightened and whitened skin. One common lament about facials is the post-facial redness, skin irritation, or even acne breakouts. But with this AlmaLASE™ Laser Facial, almost no downtime is needed, which means no unsightly redness or pesky purging, so you can resume going about your day immediately afterwards! This means that new mommies can go for a quick and relaxing facial, and still be home in time for the next feeding.

Another of MODE Aesthetics’ unique treatments is called Fat Freeze 360. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to liposuction, and utilizes the CoolSculpting technique to improve your body’s contour by applying all-round cooling plates. The desired areas are cooled to a fat-cell-killing temperature while other tissues remain unharmed. MODE, together with Korean manufacturers, has even developed an exclusive treatment applicator specially for double chin fat reduction! With such technologies, up to 40% of fat reduction can be achieved. It has never been easier to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes once again.

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