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I Tried A Bunch of Home Workouts: Here are the Top 6

I Tried A Bunch of Home Workouts: Here are the Top 6

Completely free, no-equipment, home workouts for you to stay fit at home.

Circuit Breaker has turned many Singaporeans into sudden fitness junkies. No shame in that -- I’m definitely one of them. If you are considering to join the cult, here’s my list of recommended home workout resources that can help you to shed some fats and get toned.

Home workouts are not listed in order.

Great for Fat-Burning; Knee-Friendly & Apartment-Friendly WorkoutSource

MadFit is one of the top YouTube channels that you’ll land on if you search for “home workouts” on Google -- at least for me. As per most fitness YouTubers, there is a wide variety of no-equipment, short home workouts (about 20-40 minutes) for different parts of your body. Just browse through Maddie’s YouTube playlist to find a video of your liking.

What I personally like about MadFit is that Maddie, the fitness instructor and creator of the channel, uploads knee-friendly, apartment-friendly home workouts videos. Most importantly, she clearly labels them so it’s easy for you to find them. So if you are looking for a video that has low impact on your knees or one that you could do during wee hours, MadFit has a collection of such workout videos for you.

Maddie also has an online recipe blog which features free, healthy, and often vegan, dishes to pair with your workouts. After all, frequent workouts are just one part of the weight-loss and muscle building journey. Diet is another essential.

Great for: Fat-Burning; Knee-Friendly & Apartment-Friendly Workout

Great for Females Looking for Pilates Workout & Body Positive Motivation


Long before COVID-19, I’ve heard a couple of female friends raving about Blogilates. When I tried exploring the channel, I understood why. Cassey, the fitness instructor in the videos, focuses a lot on body positivity for women. As a woman, her videos are particularly motivating and heart-warming as she often relates to female struggles and goals.

As the name suggests, Cassey provides free pilates workouts or shorter variations of pilates, known on PIIT28. The workouts usually focus on major muscle groups and can be done in repetitions, rather than based on a timer. If you have been out of touch with your body -- like me -- repetitions are generally better. You get to slow down and really focus on working the right muscles, rather than rushing through the routine and using the wrong muscle to compensate. Just imagine getting a thick and strong neck, rather than defined 6-packs abs because you’ve been doing your crutches wrong.

Like Maddie, Cassey also has a few healthy recipes available if you are looking to eat clean. You can find it on her YouTube channel. However, her library isn’t as extensive as she seemed to have dropped the project a few years back.

Great for: Females Looking for Pilates Workout & Body Positive Motivation

Great for Muscle Building & Extra Toned Body


Chloe Ting workouts have been the talk of the fitspo town, especially her 2 weeks abs challenge. Like a typical Singaporean, I joined the crowd to find out whether it was worth the hype. Here’s my verdict: her workouts are more intense and muscle-focus but less on cardio and fat-burning. I’d only go to her if I want to strengthen a particular muscle group. But if I pair her workouts with other cardio-based workouts, I think it’d be easy to achieve overall fat-loss and extra defined muscles. Then again, this is my personal opinion. Your body might react differently to her workouts!

Apart from the workout, Chloe also manages her community of fans to keep them motivated. She’d pick out workout/transformation videos sent in by her fans, react to them on YouTube and drop words of encouragement. I personally think videoing your workout progress down is an awesome practice. It’s a way of motivating yourself and keeping your body in check. If this method works for you, you can tag her (@itschloeting) or use her hashtag #chloetingchallenge. Some of her fans also write their progress in the YouTube comment section and update the comment as each day passes -- another tip if videography is not your thing.

Chloe also has got her own set of healthy recipes on her channel! You can never run out of healthy recipes with all these free online resources.

Great for: Muscle Building & Extra Toned Body

Great for Intense Muscle Toning


Pamela Reif is one of the rare few fitness YouTuber that does live home workout classes. The difference between her pre-recorded classes and her live classes is mainly the live chat. The live chat is a great place to ask questions during workouts. Sometimes, a fellow workout mate might reply to you with helpful tips. Apart from being occasionally helpful, it’s mostly entertaining and motivating to read comments of other struggling workout mates.

Pamela’s workouts are usually short (10-15 minutes) and great for toning. Just to set your expectations right, the 10-15 minutes workouts are not meant to be done solo. They are to be combined with other workout videos and done as a series for a single day’s workout. To find the series that’d work for you, check out Pamela’s Instagram account! That’s where she leaves her workout plans. Even if you don’t want to her workout plans, following her account may be a good reminder for you to start your workout, especially if you are an Instagram addict.

Great for: Intense Muscle Toning (also good for Instagram addicts who need extra workout reminders)

Great for Exploring Different Types of Workouts


Even before COVID-19, many of my friends were already on Nike Training App and enjoying the free workout options. Recently, after Nike waived off their premium service indefinitely, I’m seeing even more friends on the app. With the free premium service, app users have access to more than 185 free workouts (yoga, cardio and more), as well as training programmes, nutrition and wellness guidance -- neat, right?

As what you’d expect from Nike, their range of workout is extensive and caters for your different needs. When searching for workouts, you can easily filter it by duration, equipment, level of difficulty, format (time-based or rep-based), intensity, and focus (strength, endurance, mobility).

Another fun part about the app is its Achievement board. When it comes to workout, finding the motivation to start is usually the hardest challenge. The Achievement board is a little something that helps you to keep track of your progress with Trophies, Milestones, Streaks and etc. You can even compete on the leaderboard with your friends who are on the app -- a friendly competition to keep you going!

Great for: Exploring Different Types of Workouts

Great for Sweaty, Fat-Burning HIIT Workout & Personalised Workout Plans


Confession: I haven’t personally tried Pumatrac but one of my fitspo friends highly recommends it. In particular, she loves HIIT workouts and how it helps her to sweat it out.

Like Nike Training App, Pumatrac offers a wide range of workouts. I particularly like the fact that they make personalised recommendations on your homepage based on your goals and types of workouts you favour. Side note, you’ll be able to find Pamela Rief’s workouts on the app.

Another awesome feature of the app is its scheduling function. You can find a workout and schedule it for a later date. When the day approaches, the app will then send you a reminder! This way, you can easily personalise your own weekly workout plans and work on different body parts on different days. I’m definitely trying this app soon.

Great for: Sweaty, Fat-Burning HIIT Workout & Personalised Workout Plans


These are my top 6 home workout recommendations. Apart from working out, I'd strongly encourage you to eat healthy and take care of your body with healthy food and workout aids. Chumak Smoothies, Sheng JR Sports Recovery Gel and Mei Shan Tea Sea Oil Camellia Oil (healthy cooking oil) are some of our samples/products you can consider. Click here to check out our full range of food and drinks selection.

Also, if you are on any of these workouts, do share with us your review via our Facebook post. Feel free to share this article around as well -- let’s get more people moving!

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