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Have a Few Greys? Here’s Why & How You Can Reverse Premature Greying

Have a Few Greys? Here’s Why & How You Can Reverse Premature Greying

Whether you are 25 or 30, you might have encountered a grey hair or two and it is bothersome. Here’s what you need to know about what could be the cause, and our recommendation on how you can reverse premature greying.

While going grey is part of life, getting them earlier than people who are of the same age as you is definitely a bit disheartening and confusing. Read on to learn why some of us get to experience greys earlier than others.

 1. Genetics

The main reason for grey hair surfacing at an early age has to boil down to genes. If your grandmother or mother have grey hair at an early age, chances are you will experience them in your early years as well.

2. Vitamin Deficiency

Lack of vitamin B-6, B-12, D, E and biotin can contribute to premature greying of hair as it affects the hair’s pigmentation. With the right vitamin supplementation, you might be able to reverse premature greying.

3. Diet

If your diet consists of high intake of sugar, salt, processed food and cold drinks, you might want to cut down on these. An imbalance diet can increase the risk of free radical generation in the body that speeds up growth of grey hair.

4. Smoking

Studies show that people who smoke are more likely to experience greying before the age of 30 compared to non-smokers. The toxins in cigarette smoke have negative impacts on the hair follicles that cause grey hair earlier than expected.

5. Chemical Hair Products

Chemical hair products such as shampoos and hair dyes contain ingredients that are harmful to the scalp and hair which result in decreased melanin, leaving your hair white when used for a long period.

Hence, it is important to use the right hair products to care for our scalp and hair.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE, the leading brand of scalp and hair through science-backed formulation, has designed the AGE Defy Duo that prevents and controls premature greying and scalp aging through stem cell technology and high concentrations of botanical essences.

The AGE Defy Duo consists of AGE Defy Shampoo and AGE Defy Serum that are both formulated with Patent 5 Complex that promotes a healthy scalp and delay the onset of scalp aging. The hair loving products contain stem cell extracts that strengthen the scalp from oxidative damage.

The AGE Defy Shampoo is an anti-ageing scalp cleanser that is formulated with powerful antioxidants - Rice Stem Cells and Rosemary Extract. These ingredients are used to counteract the effects of oxidative stress and delay the signs of scalp ageing like premature greying or loss of hair density while boosting scalp immunity against disorders.

Like other shampoos from PHS HAIRSCIENCE, the AGE Defy Shampoo smells fresh and energised my mood instantly, it evokes a feeling of refreshment and comfort.The shampoo cleanses my hair without stripping away its natural oils, leaving my scalp feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

The AGE Defy Serum is an anti-ageing scalp serum that inhibits the appearance of grey hair and other signs of natural ageing. It improves scalp circulation and the delivery of nutrients for necessary scalp strengthening, while strong antioxidants like the Green Tea Leaf Extract boosts the scalp’s immune system to prevent oxidative damage and delay the ageing process.

The lightweight formulation of the AGE Defy Serum contains Lotus Stem Cells that strengthens the hair follicles and the scalp against infections.

Overall the AGE Defy Duo left my tresses noticeably tamed and super touchable. I also love how all PHS HAIRSCIENCE products are formulated with effective concentration of the purest botanical essences and herbal extracts without any harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils and benzophenones.

If you have been covering up your greys with hair dye that are full of potentially harmful chemicals, why not treat the root cause by using the right products for your hair and scalp. Designed for both men and women with ageing scalp and greying hair, get your PHS HAIRSCIENCE AGE Defy Duo samples here.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE AGE Defy Shampoo (RRP: $48) and AGE Defy Serum (RRP: $59) are available at PHS HAIRSCIENCE located at Wheelock Place LAB #04-12, Ngee Ann City LAB #05-25, Plaza Singapura LAB #04-34/35, Bedok Mall CAPSULE #B2-40/41, Parkway Parade CAPSULE #B-70/71 and on


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