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Get The Full Spa Experience Without Ever Stepping Out Of Your Home

Get The Full Spa Experience Without Ever Stepping Out Of Your Home

More savvy massage regulars are now turning to home visit massages. Instead of traveling to find a massage therapist, let the massage therapist travel to you! With home massages, you can enjoy the full luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home. However, not all massage service providers are made equal. You should only trust reputable and established spas with professional massage therapists, hordes of 5-star reviews, and nothing less. The Outcall Spa, with its multitude of raving reviews, media accolades, and premium services, is one such spa that is also known as Singapore’s No. 1 Home and Hotel Massage Service.

There are so many benefits to a home massage, and a signature Home Visit Massage service by The Outcall Spa is a relaxation experience like no other.

When you book a massage with The Outcall Spa:

  • You don’t have to travel at all
  • - Young parents, especially, can choose to put their kids to sleep first, then get a relaxing late-night massage at home without needing someone to babysit, and can head straight to bed right afterwards!

  • Absolutely no need for dressing up to go out — ladies, you don’t even need to put on a bra!
  • Absolutely hassle-free
  • - You get a full spa setup with a professional massage bed, complete with soft, warm towels, soothing music, premium baby-safe massage oil, and all other essentials

  • Absolutely private
  • - Many clients (such as celebrities and politicians) value their privacy and want to enjoy their massages in the comfort and security of their own home

  • A certified, well-trained, and COVID-compliant massage therapist will come right to your doorstep
  • - With Home Visit Massages, you can avoid the hassle of checking in with SafeEntry and minimize your contact with crowds during this pandemic period

  • You can book massages even past midnight, till 2 in the morning, with no surcharge!
  • - Whether it’s right after your office hours, or after your dinner, chores, Netflix, and such, we can arrive at your home any time you prefer, even late in the night — so that you can drift off to better-quality sleep right after your massage

  • All-in-one therapy
  • - The Outcall Spa’s therapists are highly trained in many different types of massages and how to cater to various client needs based on age, gender, and health condition

  • Higher quality massages
  • - Compared to traditional massages in spas, at-home therapists travel in between appointments, hence providing fewer massages a day and conserving energy to give you the best quality possible

  • Personalized attention
  • - As your therapist gets a glimpse into your lifestyle, they can tailor the therapy to your specific needs. You won’t need to deal with receptionists, complicated forms, but can simply discuss with your therapist what you want and need

    • Your “me time” is more customized to your personal preferences, as you get to control your lighting, temperature, or even have your favorite pillow with you.

      With all these benefits of a Home Visit Massage with The Outcall Spa, there’s really not enough reason to head out to a conventional spa anymore. At-home massage therapy is great for anyone and everyone, from exhausted mums (or dads) who have difficulty leaving the house, busy folks who don’t have time to head out – and back – for a massage, and just about anyone who needs their tight neck muscles loosened or sore back taken care of. You’ll get to relax in your own familiar surroundings, without any need for traveling, dealing with waiting rooms, other customers, and hunting down the restroom.

      Types of Massages We Offer

      Swedish Massage – One of the most classic and popular choices, a Swedish Massage is wonderful in releasing muscle tension and stimulating positive hormonal changes in your body. Its signature long strokes and kneading techniques effectively soothes knotted muscles, improves blood flow, relieves stress (both physical and emotional) and helps drain metabolic waste. It can even aid pain relief and promote healthy scar healing!

      Deep Tissue Massage – Those with chronic pain in the neck or back will benefit greatly from this massage, which focuses on such problem areas with firm “cross-grain” strokes that move across muscles and tendons to relieve muscle tension effectively. Your therapist may even use thumbs, knuckles, and elbows to apply deeper pressure for greater relief of your pain points. While this massage may feel uncomfortable or even painful, it is extremely beneficial for those with chronic pain as it can help stimulate freshly oxygenated blood and lymph to release pain-relieving endorphins.

      Tui Na Massage – A fusion of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Western massage, Tui Na is a deep tissue massage that focuses on removing blockages in your body and restoring your Qi, or life force energy. But fret not — no needles are used! Instead, skilled hands will stimulate your acupuncture or meridian points with a combination of stretching, gliding, kneading, and several other techniques to help your blood and Qi circulate your meridian system. This will help in a variety of ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis, and even stress-induced disorders such as diarrhea, insomnia, and constipation!

      Lymphatic Massage – This is a gentle pressure massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation. Lymph is a clear fluid in your body that collects toxins and waste to be cleansed in your lymph nodes, but poor lymphatic flow often occurs thanks to our unhealthy lifestyles or injuries sustained. In this massage, your lymph will be gently pushed in the correct direction throughout your body, and since the original lymphatic massage has an almost imperceptible pressure, our therapists have been specially trained for our customers’ preference of stronger pressure.

      Pre-Natal Massage – Many expecting mothers tend to experience prolonged strain and tension in their shoulders, neck, back, and abdomen, due to postural changes that stem from a shift in their center of gravity. Only specially trained therapists are allowed to perform this massage, without massaging any parts of the body that are directly connected to the fetus. This massage — complete with a special Pre-Natal massage bed with hollows for the baby bump and mother’s breasts — is essential for both the mother and baby, by improving hormone regulation, blood circulation, and quality sleep. Moreover, the tired mummy doesn’t even have to leave the house – the entire spa experience comes to her!

      Post-Natal Massage – After giving birth, a mother needs a unique type of massage that can not only soothe aching muscles, but can also regulate hormones, increase her lactation, reduce water retention, AND improve her post-natal body shape. After the skilled therapist massages the womb to coax it back into its original size and position, the Signature Post-Natal Massage then includes a traditional Malay belly binding called the bengkung that provides essential support for her torso, pelvic organs, and abdominal wall muscle retraction – allowing the mother to restore her body shape within weeks.

      Couples Massage – The only thing better than getting pampered with a massage is…to get it with your partner! The Outcall Spa’s Signature Couples Massage helps any busy couple to reconnect and bond with each other after exhausting schedules, and allows a hassle-free “date night” right in your own home. The trained therapists will also set the mood for you with romantic lighting, relaxing music, soothing smells – all allowing you and your partner to reignite the sparks of passion and intimacy during AND after the massage. 

      Special Price for First Trial (One-time-only)

      Now that you know about the plethora of options available at The Outcall Spa, hurry to book your appointment with a special one-time-only price for your first trial! Use promo code “SS168” to book a session of Tui Na, Swedish, Signature, or Deep Tissue Massage at only $168! (Usual price: $198.) Simply give us a call at +65 8782 0561 or visit us at for a fuss-free booking.

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