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Enhance Your Beauty Regimen To Achieve Glowing Skin

Enhance Your Beauty Regimen To Achieve Glowing Skin

Many of us follow the standard daily beauty routine of cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise, mask and sunscreen, yet we are still not achieving the radiant glowing skin we desire. We are what we eat - and sometimes, other than topical applications which target skin improvements from the outside, we should complement the routine with beauty supplements.

We believe that true beauty shines from the inside out. While maintaining a comprehensive beauty routine and healthy diet, you can give your skin the additional booster with the right beauty supplements to produce faster and longer-lasting results. Including daily beauty supplements as part of your regimen might be key to achieving your barefaced beauty dreams.

VitaRealm® is a health and wellness supplement brand developed specifically for Asians using advanced technology from the USA. Founded in 2014, VitaRealm® originates from Singapore and was developed to meet the demands of health care products in the region, especially due to stressful lifestyle and aging. Their products are manufactured under strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), promising to bring you top grade health supplements to you and your family.

VitaRealm® Beauty series carries 3 different beauty essences, each supporting different beauty features: whitening, defence against premature ageing and glowing skin. Find out which VitaRealm® beauty essence you should consider adding to your daily routine. Let’s glow!


VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen

Skin Goals: Brightens and improves skin elasticity, firmness and hydration.

As we grow older, our collagen levels decrease as the collagen production in our body starts slowing down. Collagen is the protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. The decrease of its levels in our body will result in the appearance of fine lines and saggy skin.

When our existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for our bodies to produce more collagen, we inevitably have to turn to collagen supplements, to boost our intake and production capabilities. Studies have shown that daily collagen supplements can slow down our body’s aging process. The VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen is formulated with patented technologies and ingredients that are great for your skin, such as Collagen Peptide, Green Caviar® Sea Grapes, Vitamin C, W Beauty® Wasabi Leaf Extract, PhytoflORAL® and Olive Extract.

This collagen rich drink not only helps to maintain a youthful, healthy and glowing complexion, the added Vitamin C plays a role in collagen formation to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant helping to protect against free radical damage. 

Read more about VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen here


VitaRealm® Anti-A.G.E Essence

Skin Goals: Boosts skin’s vitality, clarity, elasticity and moisture while reducing collagen degradation and wrinkles. 

Similar to the VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen drink, the VitaRealm® Anti-A.G.E Essence combats skin-aging. Other than reducing collagen degradation in our bodies, the drink is also a revolutionary first-ever Anti-Glycation supplement.

Glycation is a process where sugar molecules attach themselves to other molecules, for example proteins and fats, and the technology will allow the skin cell to return to its natural shape and state, reversing skin damage.

Designed to combat the visible signs of skin aging such as fine lines, crow’s feet, large pores, uneven skin tone, flaky and saggy skin, the VitaRealm® Anti-A.G.E Essence is formulated with Youth Revival Complex, a synergistic combination of fruit extracts that help to re-energize skin cells and fight sugar-induced skin aging. It naturally reduces the damaging effects of sugar on skin, boosting skin rejuvenation. It also includes Rose Extract and Marine Collagen to restore skin moisture and suppleness, they work together to nourish the skin and promote the skin’s ability to maintain its best elasticity, texture and tone.

Keep your skin happy and youthful for as long as possible with just a bottle a day!


VitaRealm® Skin Perfecting Essence

Skin Goals: Improves skin elasticity, refines pores, smooths out fine lines, hydrates and plumps skin.

Drink your way to perfect looking skin with VitaRealm® Skin Perfecting Essence. This beauty-boosting miracle essence contains a super-charged, concentrated blend of botanical extract that is high in antioxidants to help revitalise your skin cells, balance sebum production to liven up your skin with a radiant glow.

Your cells produce waste substances called free radicals when the body processes food and reacts to the environment. These free radicals, when not removed by the body efficiently, causes oxidative stress to your body, harming cells and body function. Oxidative stress may in turn cause cancer, respiratory diseases, immune deficiency, inflammatory conditions, etc. Antioxidants play an important role to help the body neutralize these free radicals.

Apart from its high antioxidant concentration, the drink also contains 2,000mg of marine collagen peptides to increase collagen production, support healthy skin structure and cultivate a smoother complexion from the inside out. This essence gives your skin a comprehensive blend of everything for a more radiant, plump, hydrated and smooth skin.

The VitaRealm® supplement beauty drinks are not only great for the body but also easy to drink. Instead of difficult to swallow, “healthy-tasting” herbal remedies, these drinks are fruity and taste like juice. Stay consistent with a daily intake, and you can definitely start seeing change to your skin and body.

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