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Energy Boosters to Gain Muscle & Lose Weight

Energy Boosters to Gain Muscle & Lose Weight

Losing weight and gaining muscles mass are incredibly difficult tasks. Often, it requires a total change in lifestyle and diet to see any physical changes. Let us introduce you this energy booster that can help to make this process a little easier for you.


If you’d call yourself a skinny fat, we are alike. Skinny fat usually means that you have little muscle mass but high fat mass. The struggle of skinny fat is real. No matter how regular our meals are or how much we exercise, our muscles gains are way slower than fat loss. When fat loss is faster than muscles gains, our weight may drop drastically to the point of being underweight, exposing us to other implications – sad life.

On the other hand, there are some who has trouble shedding fats, like my sister. I’ve seen her weight-loss journey. She had to completely change her diet and lifestyle to keep her weight in check. It can be mentally and physically challenging. Not to mention, the cost of buying healthy food *phew*.

That’s why when we heard about Protison Original - Vanilla Flavor, we decided to give it a try.

What is Protison Original?

Protison is the no.1 nutritional powder brand in Taiwan since 1979. It has 40 years of history producing this hot-selling, protein supplement. It was first prescribed by Taiwanese doctors to malnutrition patients. As the years went by, it was made available to the public and become one of the trusted protein supplement brands in Taiwan. Now, you can easily spot their products at Taiwan Costco and eCommerce sites.

Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor is made up of whey protein, BCAAs, calcium, CPP and vitamin D. Let us breakdown each component so that you can see how they can help you to boost stamina, build muscles and lose weight from a nutritional perspective!

What is Whey Protein & Its Benefits?

For every 100ml, Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor contains 6.4g of whey protein. Whey protein is one of the best sources of high-quality protein. It’s highly digestible and is quickly absorbed into the body to promote muscle growth and, reduce “bad” cholesterol and inflammation. Many trainers like to recommend the consumption of whey protein as a weight loss strategy – reasons why my sister was interested in Protison. Increase in protein in the diet helps to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and maintain muscles mass. Whey protein, in particular, is more effective in fat burning and satiety when compared to other proteins (like casein powder, plant proteins, etc).

Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor has a total of 90.2 kcal for a serving of 200ml – much lower than other whey protein powder. If you are not looking for a protein supplement as a meal replacement, Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor would be suitable for you. Other whey protein powder brands often come in rich flavours like chocolate and cookies & cream. This is more of personal preference, but I prefer the versatility in taste that Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor offers. I’m not one who would want to be drinking the same flavour every day. I prefer the idea of mixing the whey protein powder into other drinks and incorporating the protein-rich supplement in my existing diet.

What are BCAAs and Their Benefits?

Protison also contains leucine, isoleucine and valine – all of which are BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). These BCAAs are essential amino acids that your body cannot produce by itself and is obtained it through your diet. They play an important role in muscle growth, and in decreasing muscle soreness and exercised-induced fatigue, effectively building up your everyday stamina.

That’s why Protison is highly recommended for pre- and post-exercise. BTW, If you have just started to rekindle your relationship with exercise after Circuit Breaker, you’ll love the free 25g Protison Original (Vanilla Flavour) sample. Another group of Singaporeans who might benefit greatly from Protison are middle-age individuals. Once you reach 40 years’ old, your muscle mass will start to reduce significantly -- the medical term for this is sarcopenia. Protison helps to slow down the process with muscle-maintaining nutrients like BCAAs. In fact, Protison Original has been clinically proven to increase appendicular muscles mass index for all ages, and gaid speed in elderly with sarcopenia. That said, loss of muscle mass happens to everyone, but more so for those who do not exercise. Please do not take Protison as a replacement for exercise!

Other Nutrients in Protison

Protison is also enriched with calcium, CPP and Vitamin D. In fact, it has higher amounts of calcium and vitamin D, as compared to milk. Specifically, 100ml of Protison has 188g of calcium and 3.12g of vitamin D versus 110g of calcium and 0.3 of vitamin D in 100ml of milk.

Nutrition-wise, we all know the importance of calcium in building and maintaining strong bones. Vitamin D is added to help our body regular and absorb the calcium, working together with CPP which enhances calcium absorption. Adding another point to why Protison is especially suitable for middle age individuals!

The Protison Experience

The idea of being able to gain muscles without additional fat mass completely bought me over. So I decided to take the 25g Protison Original (Vanilla Flavour) sample, before my rock-climbing session. I took it while travelling to my climbing gym. Because it was already in individually packed, all I need to do is to add the powder into my usual workout smoothie and I’m ready for my climb – love the convenience and portability. In the case you are wondering how it tastes like by itself, I tried Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor by itself. It had a mild vanilla taste that blends well with almost any drinks or smoothie, even morning drinks like Horlicks or Milo.

When I was climbing, I also noticed that I have lesser muscle cramps. Cramps have been the bane of my rock-climbing experience. Being able to find a solution was the highlight of this taste-test. I went to check past reviews on Protison as well. Many of them had positive experiences with the brand. One of them in particular mentioned how he felt more energized after drinking Protison:

Another plus point is that its safe for pregnant ladies. It is also especially useful if you are a vegetarian looking for a more well-balanced diet:

From a nutritional stand-point, Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor looks promising as a muscle-building and weight loss supplement. Both my sister and I are taking it now, but the physical results are likely to show after a few months. We both understand it’s not a miracle supplement.

Redeem Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor Sample

If you are also keen to try, Sample Store is offering free travel-sized Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor (one 25g sachet). The travel-sized sample is good as a taste-test and as a temporary energy boost. If you are looking for real gains in muscle mass and weight loss, we’d recommend you to purchase a box of Protison Original – Vanilla Flavor. Each box contains 20 sachets (25g each) and is currently priced at a discount rate of $35 (R.P. $62, free-delivery included).

Protison can be consumed directly or used as a cooking ingredient. If you are looking to drink it directly, do remember to mix it with water below 60°C!


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