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Delight in This Tasty and Healthy Snack Made from An Ancient Superfood

Delight in This Tasty and Healthy Snack Made from An Ancient Superfood

It’s Saturday night. You have just devoured a scrumptious dinner and dessert. You plonked yourself down on the couch, bordering on food comatose but ready to continue your binge on that Netflix or Disney+ show late into the night because why not, it’s still the weekend the next day.

Something is missing. A bag of munchies! Snacks have long been a part of the equation of a movie or drama night. Some of us choose to go for popcorn, others the good ol’ potato chips, all available in an assortment of flavours depending on our preferences.

Snacking is a guilty pleasure that most of us can’t seem to resist or choose to avoid it entirely due to worry of weight gain and health concerns. What if there is a snack that is tasty, natural, and best of all, low-fat and healthy? Perfect for you to enjoy totally guilt-free. 

Joining the bevy of healthy snacks is ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops. Zenko Superfoods is a Singaporean superfoods company founded by two passionate friends who love discovering healthy and nutritious ingredients and transforming them to tasty, delicious and “less-guilty” pleasures for today’s generation. Their aspiration is to explore the world and bring ancient superfoods to the modern-day lifestyle.


What exactly are Water Lily Pops? 

If you are new to water lily pops, ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops is a snack made from 100% popped seeds from the water lily flower. Known locally as Makhana, Water Lily Pops are an ancient superfood from the Himalayan foothills that is the hottest rising superfood of this decade. It is low in calories and fat, high in protein, magnesium, potassium and promises to be a delicious and naturally healthy alternative to popcorn. This ancient superfood also calms you down during times of stress or insomnia. 

You might wonder, so how does ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops compare to the usual healthy snacks in the market? In addition to being low-fat and tasty, it is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free!


What is so unique about Water Lily Pops? 

According to ZENKO Superfoods, the Water Lily Pops snacks are: 

  1. Without artificial flavouring
  2. Plant-based
  3. No trans fat
  4. Non-GMO
  5. Gluten free 

 According to Healthline, eating food void of gluten can provide many health benefits, especially for those with celiac disease. It may help ease digestive symptoms, reduce chronic inflammation, boost energy, and promote weight loss. 

 If you are like many others who have recently gotten on the bandwagon of working out, you might be looking for something to keep your energy levels up while attempting to eat healthily. Get this. ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops also curbs your appetite by making you feel full longer, while boosting your energy! Who would have thought of snacking when you work out?


Getting Down to The Taste Test 

With so many good things about ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops, I had to pick up my first bag to try this snack for myself. Right off the bat, I was greeted by how vibrant and cheerful the packaging is. A good reassurance that I’m about to digest something tasty.

Popped a handful of water lily pops into my mouth and I was humming in approval with my friend whom I was sharing a pack with. They were like popcorns, but better! The lightly roasted lily pops were naturally flavoured (I chose the Himalayan Pink Salt flavour) and joyfully crunchy with every bite.

We could not stop ourselves from going in seconds and more and soon ended with an almost empty pack. Texture wise, they tasted like a hybrid between popcorn and corn puffs which made it enjoyable to eat. 

The people at ZENKO Superfoods are on to something. These water lily pop snacks are definitely on my list on during my next round of snack shopping. I’m excited to recommend it to my family and friends because I think I have found the perfect daily snack and answer to healthy and guilt-free snacking. :) 

You can now easily purchase ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops on their website at Try out all 4 flavours in their starter pack. They are also available in a wide selection of physical and online stores like Cold Storage, Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, Pandamart, Giant, and Amazon. 

If you would like to redeem a free sample of ZENKO Superfoods Water Lily Pops, click here.



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