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Bored at Home? Try These New Releases

Bored at Home? Try These New Releases

COVID-19 has made staying at home during weekend the new normal.

As we embrace the new reality of spending most of our time at home, we may run out of things to do. Why not check out Sample Store and redeem products to try out during your free time. With new products releasing in the market almost every day, this is the best time to keep up with the trend!

From beauty to food and drinks products, these are some of the latest products that we’ve just brought in.

Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser & Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser

For those living with dry, itchy, sensitive and eczema-prone skin, the key to reverse this situation is to strengthen your skin’s barrier to better hold in moisture or apply a new barrier to reduce the possibility of flare-ups. Formulated by National Skin Centre Singapore, Suu Balm Gentle Moisturising Facial Cleanser & Cooling Itch Relief Facial Moisturiser is formulated with only skin-friendly ingredients which helps restore the skin’s moisture barrier while calming existing irritation and redness.

Redeem your fuss-free 2-step skincare kit here.

Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion

This heavy duty body lotion, 2019 Korea Olive Young Health & Beauty Awards No.1 Body Moisturiser, is great for those with dry and eczema-prone skin. The dermatologically tested lotion promises 48-hour intense hydration with the added bonus of woody powdery note.Even the most dire skin woes can be healed by this lotion.

Achieve healthy glow to your skin by redeeming a travel-sized product here.

Christa Tuna

Canned tunas are not only cheap, but it can be stored for a long time, making the perfect kitchen item to keep on hand for days especially during times like this. But during this period, you don’t have to be stick with just your classic mayonnaise or spicy tuna, we’ve got 3 innovative tuna flavours to spice up your meals - Christa Tuna in Indonesian Fried Rice Sauce, Spicy Balinese Sauce, Padang Green Chili Sauce. We love all the 3 different flavours that pack a punch of flavour and they are hearty enough to be eaten on its own. These are great alternative to give your tuna sandwich, taco or salad an asian vibe. Oh, and did we mention that they are halal-certified and formulated without preservatives and MSG.

Get all 3 full-size Christa Tuna (worth $2.50 each) and another product for only $5.99, redeem here.

Chumak Smoothies

Load your kids with these Chumak Smoothies if you find it a challenge to feed them with fruits.The smoothies come in 3 different flavours, Apple, Apple & Banana and Apple & Strawberry, made with 100% natural fruits and enriched with Vitamin C with no added preservatives and artificial colouring. Incorporating this smoothie to your kids’ diet and even your diet, can provide your body with vitamins and mineral nutrients.Pro-tip: you can freeze these smoothies for that extra-frosty sip to soothe your humid days.

Get these natural goodness here.

Leone Coffee

Making a daily coffee run might not be the most ideal thing to do now, so we are all turning to instant coffee. Get fuelled up for your daily grind with Leone Coffee. Choose among White Coffee, Gula Melaka White Coffee or the Coffee Mixture Bags which is lesser in calories but taste is definitely not compromised. Each cuppa from Leone Coffee boasts a smooth and rich flavour of roasted beans. Not to mention, this is easier on the wallet compared to your barista’s blend.

Have a cuppa anytime you want at the comfort of your home, get yours here.

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