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Absolute Must-Haves In Your Hospital Bag For First-Time Mummies (And Daddies!)

Absolute Must-Haves In Your Hospital Bag For First-Time Mummies (And Daddies!)

The days leading up to your expected due date have the potential to overwhelm you with stress: things to pack, documents to collate, and dozens more to remember. It’s a nightmare to reach the hospital or birthing suite, only to realize that you’ve left your NRIC or the new baby’s customised swaddle at home. Whatever it is, the rush of packing things in the last few days can be headache-inducing.

However, mummies-to-be shouldn’t be bogged down by these avoidable hassles! A comprehensive checklist can help leaps and bounds in advance preparation, tackling all the financial, administrative, and even comfort-related items needed to make your birthing journey a smooth one.

We’ve compiled a list of essentials for your hospital bag, along with some specially curated knickknacks to make your time at the hospital so much more enjoyable.


First off, we have the items that you absolutely cannot do without: your important documents.

  1. Gynaecologist’s letter
  2. Hospital admission form
  3. NRICs of both parents
  4. Credit card
  5. Invoices of pre-delivery outpatient gynaecologist visits – For Medisave purposes. However, some hospitals also allow for electronic submission of these after delivery, but it’s better to have them all on hand while you’re there.
  6. Letter of Guarantee from insurance organisation or your company if you have one
  7. Original Marriage Certificate for registering your baby’s name
  8. Your birth plan if you have one

Things for Mum

New mums should have everything they need already packed so that they can stop worrying and live in the present. Use the checklist below to ensure they have everything they could possibly need and want:

  1. 1 full pack of maternity pads
  2. 4 to 5 pairs of disposable underwear
  3. 2 nursing bras + 4 nursing pads
  4. Nursing balm or nipple cream
  5. Nursing pillow
  6. Hair ties and/or hair band
  7. Glasses instead of contacts
  8. Toiletries – Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shower gel, shampoo (or dry shampoo in case you don’t want to wash your hair)
  9. Lip balm
  10. Antibacterial wet wipes
  11. Any medication that you are on (in original packaging with instructions)
  12. A pair of flip flops or slippers, or shoes that are easy to wear
  13. Facial cleanser
  14. Moisturizer – A good moisturizer should not just hydrate your face, but keep you hydrated for as long as possible. The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream provides a whopping 48 hours’ worth of hydration, keeping your skin supple and moisturized—whether in Singapore’s humidity or in the hospital’s drying air-conditioning. This dermatologically, allergy, sensitive skin-tested moisturizer is formulated with 97% Natural-Origin ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Sugar Mannose, and Vichy Volcanic Mineralizing Water to fortify sensitive skin and boost hydration. Who says you have to succumb to fine lines and dried-out skin when giving birth? Start using this and you’ll have dewy, well-nourished skin throughout your delivery AND hospital stay.
  15. Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll-On – Sometimes, you might just be too tired to take a shower after the hard work of delivering a whole human being (mums are superheroes for sure!). One easy way to refresh yourself without getting out of bed is to apply some Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll-On. This easy-to-use rollerball contains natural essential oils in various invigorating scents, such as citrus, lavender, and barley mint to perk you up and help you recover better. As you glide on some, pause for a moment to drink in the fragrance and let your worries fade away. Happy mum, happy baby!
  16. Face and bath towels – Depending on your hospital and ward type, you can call and check if they provide these
  17. Perineal spray – To soothe your area down there post-natural birth or C-section; it works for both kinds of delivery!
  18. Belly wrap – Great for supporting your waist, belly, and hips post-delivery
  19. Breast pump – Helps to simulate lactation, and bonus—you can ask the nurses to teach you how to use it efficiently!
  20. An outfit for the journey home – Choose something easy to slip into, that’s loose and comfortable so that you can focus on your newborn darling and not have to deal with tight-fitting jeans or shifting straps. Stretchy leggings with a soft T-shirt or a flowy dress are some great options to consider.
  21. A couple of TNTN Mom’s Blue Belly Sheet Mask For Stretch MarksContaining safe ingredients that are “EWG Green Grade” status, this first-of-its-kind sheet mask helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks with a patented “blue complex”. It’s specially formulated from 6 blue ingredients that range from moisturising, tightening, to even anti-aging! Some other powerful ingredients include shea butter, sunflower seeds, chamomile flower extract, and beta-glucan, which is well-known for its healing, calming, protective, and hydrating properties, making this Blue Belly Sheet Mask perfect for any stretch marks during or after pregnancy. Pop this into your hospital bag for a nice, soothing treat while you rest after labour.

Things for Dad

Dad has to hold the fort and be a rock-solid pillar of support for Mum. Here are some things to make Dad’s job easier and more comfortable as well:

  1. Snacks or coins for vending machines
  2. Jacket or hoodie
  3. Baby car seat in car if driving
  4. Your own medication
  5. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dry shampoo (just in case)
  6. A neck pillow (optional)
  7. A change of clothes
  8. Portable music device/Book/Magazine to keep Mummy engaged
  9. Fully charged power bank – So that you don’t have to hunt for available sockets
  10. Glasses instead of contacts – Labour might take a long while!
  11. Baby name ideas – If you and your wife haven’t decided yet, occupy your waiting time by coming up with more suggestions!
  12. A push present – Show your wife your appreciation by getting her a thoughtful gift for her hard work of carrying your baby and giving birth. It’s not strictly necessary, but common in Singapore.
  13. UNISOY drink sachets – To keep Dad nourished and satiated while waiting for his beloved child to arrive, it’s good to pack a few of these delicious drinks and make use of the waiting room’s hot water dispenser. The Nutritious Soy Matcha and Nutritious Soya Milk Powder are handy for a quick pick-me-up when Dad has been waiting for hours, while the Instant Nutritious Soy Oatmeal makes for an easy, yet filling snack with its 100% non-GMO beans and enriched dietary fibre. Better yet, all of these are soy-based, which means no lactose intolerance and no downtime in the bathroom—so that Dad is ready to go, any time.

Things for Newborn Baby

Last but not least, your baby also needs some things of his/her own to feel absolutely comfortable. Besides the love and care from parents, the newborn baby would also need the following:

  1. One or two clean newborn outfits for going home
  2. A swaddle cloth and baby blanket
  3. A newborn hat
  4. Mittens and booties
  5. Antibacterial baby wet wipes
  6. Lots of tissues
  7. Extra diapers – The hospital does provide diapers while you’re there, but you might just want to bring some extra in case. Plus, you might even prefer to use Skinature By Drypers earlier, as this diaper is made with Derma-Care Technology™—a combination of soft and breathable materials with special care technology to keep your baby’s skin dry and free from discomfort. Besides being free from allergens (26 of them!), fragrance, and chlorine, this premium-quality, absorbent diaper has 100% more air space to minimize contact with your baby’s skin, allowing for more air to pass through. It even has a special cut-out design to protect your baby’s umbilical cord stump and navel area! It’s basically the Rolls-Royce of diapers.

Before The Final Push…

New mummies-to-be can also take some time off to relax by opting for a wonderful prenatal massage from The OutCall Spa. Their Signature Prenatal Massage Service uses specialised therapeutic massage techniques to provide instant relief, relaxation, and restoration. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house; they come to you! Certified, well-trained, and COVID-19 compliant therapists will bring along a full set of spa supplies designed to pamper you in luxury. And yes, they even bring a spa-size massage bed! Immersed in the soothing spa music they provide, you’ll be drifting off to a peaceful sleep before you know it. If you prefer, they also offer Postnatal Massage Service for post-delivery recovery as well.

Now that you have a comprehensive checklist of all the things the entire family needs for your much-anticipated delivery, relax and enjoy the journey…many amazing moments lie ahead for you and your precious family! 

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