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A Delicious Vanilla Drink to Increase Stamina And Gain Muscles

A Delicious Vanilla Drink to Increase Stamina And Gain Muscles

Singaporeans have been placing more emphasis on their overall health and wellness in recent years. According to a health survey by Nielsen in 2019, 79% of Singaporean are actively making dietary choices to help prevent health conditions, and 75% of Singaporeans are willing to pay more for foods that promote health benefits. This means that when it comes to improving our health, we are willing to make a conscious decision on what we can consume to make our bodies feel and look better.

Whether it’s the choice to take in more vitamins, calcium, protein or a whole other array of health boosters, the most popular way to do so is through health supplements or drinks what we can consume conveniently.

Like majority of the population, I work a full-time job with a busy schedule and catering to my health and wellness usually takes a back seat on most days. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for more wellness and fitness products that I can consume conveniently and quickly.

No longer just for athletes and bodybuilders, food products and supplements that are enhanced with protein are now finding their way into the diet of the average Singaporean.

I was introduced to Protison Nutritional Powder whilst on my search for health products that could contribute to the overall health and fitness of my body.

When I came across Protison Nutritional Powder – Protison Original, I was immediately drawn to its following benefits:

  1. Rebuild energy and stamina
  2. Provides body with BCAAs and high-quality whey protein
  3. With vitamin D and calcium for bone growth

In case you’re wondering, BCAAs are known as branched-chain amino acids. They are essential amino acids that your body cannot produce by itself and is obtained it through your diet. They play an important role in muscle growth, and in decreasing muscle soreness and exercised-induced fatigue, effectively building up your everyday stamina.


What is Protison?

Protison is the number 1 nutritional powder brand in Taiwan with over 40 years of history. Their Protison Original has been clinically tested to increase appendicular muscle mass index for all ages and gait speed in elderly, sarcopenia subjects.

Sarcopenia is a natural ageing process that affects anyone beyond the age of 30 years old. It results in the loss of muscle mass and strength. However, Protison can help to increase muscle mass in just 4 weeks and rebuild stamina effectively. It's the best nutritional supplement for your everyday strength.


Trying out Protison Original

I decided to try out a sachet of Protison Original during one of my work mornings. Each sachet contains 25g serving of powder and is packed with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and 12.8g of good quality whey protein (2500mg of BCAA).

I made my nutritional drink with warm water, though you can have it either cold or room temperature as well. If you’re having it warm like me, be sure to keep the water temperature below 60 degrees. The powder dissolved quickly into a smooth milky colour and I could detect a pleasant whiff of vanilla. I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised at the delicious vanilla flavour. There was no strange after-taste which some powder products tend to have. It was a drink I would not mind having every morning as an energy booster before I start my day.


Benefits of Drinking Protison

Drinking Protison Original on a daily basis has its benefits. Being high in protein, Protison made me feel full and satiated for a longer time and this helps to reduce food cravings. It contains whey protein which is very high in nutrients and is one of the best dietary source of protein. It digests and absorbs into the body quickly compared to protein found in other food sources like fish and meat.

With Protison, there is an increase in stamina as it contains BCAAs and Leucine, both of which play an important role in increasing muscle growth and reducing muscle soreness. This helps with some of my body aches from sitting long hours at my workstation during the week.

Lastly, this product also contains calcium and vitamin D, where calcium is vital for strong bones and health and vitamin D helps our body regulate and absorb calcium.

Protison Original – Vanilla flavour is currently retailing at SGD 35, box of 20 sachets (25g each) (U.P: $62). It is only available at Sample Store Singapore so grab it while stocks last. 

Click here for more Protison reviews from satisfied customers. 


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