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12 Christmas Gifts for Everyone in the Family

12 Christmas Gifts for Everyone in the Family

From now till 18 Nov, we’ll be unveiling Sample Store Secret Santa Gift Box contents and recommending the ideal family member to receive the mini gifts within the box!

If you are not aware yet, Sample Store is giving out gift boxes worth up to $178 to 200 lucky participants! All you have to do is to head to and join our Secret Santa list!

Delifrance Complimentary Mini-Quiche Voucher for Christmas Party

Gift for The Family “Event Planner”

We are referring to that one person in the family who usually plans and organises family gatherings. Usually, s/he is also the Christmas or New Year party house. That’s why the Delifrance Mini-Quiche Voucher within the box is ideal for him/her.

Here are the details: From now till 31st Jan 2021, if you purchase any item at selected Delifrance outlets, you will receive 3 complimentary pieces of signature Mini-Quiche – just in time for the upcoming Christmas party! The party host can choose from Delifrance’s wide variety of Christmas packages. For a big family of 8 to 10 members, we’d recommend Grandeur Festive Table ($265). It includes the juicy Rosemary Cranberry Turkey (3.6 kg), signature Chicken Lasagne (450g), Potato Gratin (450g), 18 pieces of Assorted Premium Pizza and, not forgetting one of the kid’s highlights, the Joy of Délifrance log cake (1.2kg). For families with lesser members (3 to 5 pax), Splendor Chicken Spread ($128) would be a better alternative. It consists of succulent Citrus Herb Chicken (3.5kg), Potato Gratin (450g) and decadent Mango Passion log cake (500g)

Even if there is no Christmas party this year, the same voucher can be used for New Year celebration or January birthday baby celebration. Check out Delifrance online menu for other mouth-watery French pastry and hearty meals!

*Selected outlets include Alexandra Retail Centre and Clifford Centre

Free Dermalogica Clear Start Micro-Pore Mist (10ml) Sample for 2020 Christmas

Gift for The Acne-Prone Teenager

Acne and oily skin problems can be depressing issues for a growing teenager. It’s a stage of life that everyone has to manage – unless you are the lucky few with perfect, clear skin. Dermalogica Clear Start is a good brand to consider during this stage of life. It specialises in using clinically proven, technology-driven, and skin-nurturing formulas to targeting breakout, blackheads, and shine.

In the box, we have the Dermalogica Clear Start Micro-Pore Mist (10ml). Its niacinamide and antioxidant-rich blend help to minimize visible pores, reduce excess oil, and help diminish the appearance of post-breakout marks. It can be used after cleansing in the morning and at night or as a pick-me-up whenever needed. The bottle is also made from 50% recycled plastic, so you won’t have to force any environmentally conscious Gen Z teen to face any ethical dilemma.

Free Vichy Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster sample as Christmas gift

Gift for Those Battling Eczema Flare-Ups

Eczema is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It’s common in children and usually, reduce to become sensitive skin as the child grows older. However, for some, it’s a condition they have to manage through their life.

Vichy Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster helps to reduce skin dryness, redness and irritation that often comes with eczema flare-ups. Its unique blend of natural origin hyaluronic acid and 15 mineral-rich Vichy Volcanic Water is clinically tested by 178 dermatologists and on 1630 women worldwide, and found to improve 15 signs of skin damages! I can personally verify this as well. If you need more proof, click here to read authentic reviews by Sample Store members.

We have included a small sachet of 1.5ml within the box so that you can hand it to those who might want to test it but is afraid that their skin may have an adverse reaction.

Free La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light sample as Christmas Gift

Gift for Those with Allergic/Ultra-Sensitive Skin

Allergic and ultra-sensitive skin is super hard to manage – trust me, I know. The most annoying part about having such a skin type is that it can be hard to find out the ingredients that you are allergic or sensitive to.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light helps to make the search for a suitable moisturiser easier. It is made from soothing, anti-irritants, like Neurosensine and La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring water, which repair skin barrier, hydrate and soothe skin from stinging, itching, burning sensations, and visible redness. This means lesser triggers for random breakouts nor rashes. Within 1 minute of application, discomfort is relieved. Day after day, skin's sensitivity is reduced, and long-lasting comfort is restored.

Personally, I’ve tried La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light on my sensitive skin. Its soothing ingredients did not trigger any acne flare on me. In fact, my skin feels moisturised and soothed immediately after the first application. I’m not the only one who has such an experience. Check out other reviews left by Sample Store members here.

Free Sofsil Fabric Softener (Gentle Protect) 80ml sample for Newlyweds

Gift for The Newly Weds

As a newlywed, there are many first experiences. One of them is probably a lesson on how to do proper laundry, which includes learning the use of softener.

Open the world of softeners to newlyweds through 80ml sample of Sofsil Fabric Softener (Gentle Protect). It’s naturally-derived, pH-balanced, and anti-bacterial. Apart from the extra fresh and soft clothes, it keeps the clothes wrinkle-free, static-free and more durable in the long run. More importantly, it’s great for indoor drying! I’ve tried the sample packet during the December rainy season. My clothes smelled particularly fragrant and refreshing even though I couldn’t sun-dry my clothes. In fact, lab test from UIC found that the fragrance stays for up to 120 days (when the clothes are rubbed)!

Since new BTO service yard doesn’t allow for sun-drying, newlyweds will love the addition of Sofsil Fabric Softener (Gentle Protect) in their laundry regime. Just make sure that they don’t use it on microfiber, sportswear, towel, flame-resistant clothing (e.g. infant and children sleepwear) and water-repellent fabric (e.g. swimwear) – softeners are not good with all material!

By the way, Sofsil Fabric Softener (Gentle Protect) 1.5L is only $2.55 at Fairprice. A very reasonable price for its perks!

Free UIC Laundry Liquid Detergent (Long Lasting Fragrance) 80ml sample for the spendthrift

Gift for The Spendthrift Househusband/Housewife

UIC Laundry Liquid Detergent (Long Lasting Fragrance) is an ideal gift for those who life motto is “little by little adds up to a lot”.

Firstly, UIC Laundry Liquid Detergent is enhanced with Nano Deep Cleaning Technology. It is formulated with active nano-ingredients that penetrates the deepest layer of fabric for a clean wash. It easily eliminates the toughest stains such as mud, curry and lipstick, while staying gentle on your laundry. Based on a quick comparison I did, it actually requires a lesser amount of liquid detergent for the same load of laundry, as compared to other brands. In terms of pricing, it’s 4kg bottle is also reasonably priced at $10.65 (before discount), without compromising on essential detergent benefit. This leads to my second point: its Advanced German Technology allows laundry to be hung indoors with no worries of unpleasant odours – essential for yearend rainy season! Thirdly, it’s gentle on hands and has an easy to rinse formula that leaves no alkaline residue -- definitely something you’d want to consider if you handwash your clothes. Lastly, it has a long-lasting and refreshing scent.

I have personally tried the 80ml sample pack, which is included in the gift box. Its scent is stronger than my usual laundry brand, which smells nice for a change! With 80ml, you or your family member can take it for a spin for a 6-8kg load of laundry and test the difference!

Free UIC Natural Plus Dishwashing Liquid (Anti-Bacterial) 80ml sample for Party

Gift for The Busy Career Man/Woman

When you are busy with work, but still got to manage household chores, you got to be smart in your selection of household products.

UIC Natural Plus Dishwashing Liquid (Anti-Bacterial) is an efficient, eco-friendly, bio-degradable (100% plant-based!) and sustainable dishwashing liquid for busy career man and woman. It’s anti-bacterial and cleans with x6 Faster Degreasing Power than other dishwashing liquid in the market. This means lesser time scrubbing and degreasing, and more time for the important things in life!

Despite being ultra-concentrated, it is easy to rinse and even gentle on hands. Therefore, you will require less dosage per application and save money in the long run! I particularly like the refreshing yuzu scent. It’s also antibacterial formula is also a great plus point for the current pandemic.

An 80ml sample pack is included in the gift box. Based on the amount I have been using for my own dishes, I can say 80ml is good enough to cover both Christmas and New Year post-party clean-up.

Free Lux Luminique Damage Repair Shampoo & Treatment (2 x 10ml) sample for Frizzy, Dry Hair

Gift for The One with Frizzy, Dry Hair

We all want smooth, glossy hair. With Lux Luminique Damage Repair Shampoo & Treatment, the dream of having commercial-like hair may be possible!

The gift box contains a 10ml set of Luminique Damage Repair Shampoo & Treatment. Luminique Damage Repair Shampoo is a non-silicone shampoo with an exquisite floral aroma. While silicone is great at forming a hydrating seal around the hair follicle, it may build up on your hair and result in a dry and dull appearance in the long-run. Over time, your hair becomes weaker and will be more prone to breakage. Usually, silicone isn’t a cause of concern for most hair, but if you have weakened, thin and limp hair, it’s maybe a different case. That’s why silicone is removed from Luminique Damage Repair Shampoo and replaced with moisturizing essential oils and extracts -- specifically organic certified jojoba oil, Damascus Rose extract and Argan oil – for the same hydration but lesser weight on your hair.

If extra moisturization is needed, Luminique Damage Repair Treatment comes along to give that boost. It is packed with soothing Stearyl Alcohol, hydrating Dimethicone and Glycerin, and detangling Behentrimonium Chloride which works together to repair and condition the hair for smooth locks with healthy shine. I’d recommend using them only when you need that extra moisturisation boost!

On a side note, some of these chemicals may have a bad reputation, but please be reminded: Not all chemicals are made the same way! Do read more about each chemical before you judge them negatively. Perhaps, our member’s review on the product may also be good references as well.

Leone Original White Coffee, Leone Gula Melaka White Coffee, Leone Coffee Mixture Bags or Bintang Instant Chocolate Malt Samples: Asian Classic Drinks

Gift for Grandfathers/Fathers

We know Singaporean fathers and grandfathers can't leave without their Kopi-Os, white coffee and Asian chocolate drinks. That's why Leone Original White Coffee, Leone Gula Melaka White Coffee, Leone Coffee Mixture Bags and Bintang Instant Chocolate Malt is the perfect gift for them.

It takes a Singaporean to understand the addiction to Asian classic drinks like kopi-o and white coffee. That's why we've picked Leone and Bintang. They are made by Singaporean company with ingredients from around the region! Amongst the 4 Asian classics, Leone Original White Coffee and Leone Gula Melaka White Coffee are hot favourites amongst Sample Store members. Leone Original White Coffee is their signature product which is made with liberica, arabica and robusta coffee beans, along with a right balance of sugar and creamer. Leone Gula Melaka White Coffee is also made with similar ingredients but with a distinct flavour of deep caramel and mellow butterscotch -- well-loved by modern family man.

And of course, we have the true-blue Asian classic: Leone Coffee Mixture Bags. It's basically Kopi-o -- fragrant coffee with no sugar added. Last, but not least, we have Bintang Instant Chocolate Malt. It's a chocolate and malt drink, enhanced with vitamin B, calcium (from milk) and iron for a healthier morning drink. The best part is... All Leone and Bintang drinks are halal. No matter your ethnicity, your grandfather or father can safely enjoy a warm, fuzzy drink during this rainy and cold Christmas season.

If you are lucky enough to receive the box, you will be receiving either one of the 4 Asian classic drinks. So the drink will be a surprise to both you and your grandfather/father!

Free Gatsby Facial Paper Sheets samples

Gift for Silbilings in their Teens

If you are a millennial, like me, you grew up using Gatsby Facial Paper Sheets at one point in time. For me, it didn't help to remove your acne problem, but it sure helped me to manage my shiny forehead . To be exact, it helps to wipe away external pollutants -- like dirt, sebum and sweat -- and give my skin a matt finish that last for a longer duration, as compared to just using tissue.

So if you have a younger sibling or even cousin or niece/nephew, who are in their teens, pass the Gatsby Facial Paper Sheets to them. They'd appreciate the convenience controlling their oil shine, and cooling sensation that the sheets leaves behind.

Free P+US2 Moisturising Hand Sanitizers 60ml as Christmas Gift

Gift for The Hygiene-Conscious

With the pandemic, everyone is upping their hygiene game. Some may have also turned into hygiene freaks! The best gift to these hygiene-conscious family members is definitely P+US2 Moisturising Hand Santizer. We've included a portable, 60ml package in the box. It's packed in a flexible, foldable, plastic bottle (similar to most jelly drinks) which makes it portable, even if they have small bags.

More importantly, its 70% alcohol content kills more than 99.9% of germs and bacteria, without drying out your skin. Yes, they've added moisturising ingredients, like Tea Tree Oil and Chia Seed Oil, to protect your skin! You can read reviews left by other Sample Store members if you don't believe us. Honestly, our skin shouldn't suffer just because we need to maintain hygiene. There are better ways of protecting yourself in a pandemic.


At this point, that’s all that I can reveal.

We have more products within the Christmas box, but we will be slowly unveiling them from today till 18 Dec! Do come back to read on the in-depth breakdown of each product and the ideal family member who you can gift these interesting samples!

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