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Beauty Review: suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N

Beauty Review: suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N

We had a sceptic to try her first face wash powder (and she became a convert!)

I reminisce the days where I could excitedly type “Beauty products to buy in Japan” into Google right after purchasing my two-way ticket.

One product that I saw on almost every single list was the Kanebo Cosmetic’s suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash. I did not know why they came in pods and was not familiar with the idea of a face wash powder, so for someone who did not like the unknown, I avoided it altogether. That is... not until suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash got an upgrade and started offering samples on Sample Store! The new and improved version of this award-winning enzyme powder cleanser is now called suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N.

  What is suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N?

The suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N is a gentle water-activated enzyme powder cleanser that is fragrance and colourant free. This enzyme powder cleanser contains enzymes and amino acids that can remove keratin plugs and blackhead causing sebum for a smoother complexion. On top of that, the new moisturising ingredients keep the skin supple and hydrated during cleansing. Go in-depth about the ingredients here.

My Skin-Type

I have a dehydrated, combination skin that is prone to acne, which means that I have dry or flaky skin with a layer of oil sitting on top, accompanied by blemishes and clogged pores. So, I was looking for a product that could help clear my skin yet keeping its moisture to protect my skin barrier. 

 First Thoughts

 This is the first enzyme powder cleanser that I have ever used, so I did not know what to expect. The hexagonal pods are unique, and the aluminium flap is easy to peel back. I can see how convenient it would be to bring it to the gym or on a stay-cay.

I initially thought that the powder might not foam up and the granules will be too harsh on my skin, but boy was I wrong. When I added lukewarm water to the suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N granules, it lathered into a light and frothy foam almost immediately. The light foam is gentle on my face, yet effective in removing dirt and impurities. After using it, my skin was immediately brighter. Even though it is an exfoliant, it did not leave my skin feeling dry nor tight, which is especially great on dryer parts of my face!

suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N also claims to prep the skin for product absorption, so I had to test it with the rest of my skincare products. The next morning, my skin was visibly less bumpy and looked radiant. The keratin plugs on my nose did not magically disappear, but my pores did look less enlarged.

 My Final Thoughts

 The gentle exfoliating enzymes and amino acid-based cleansing ingredients did not aggravate my acne-prone skin, unlike other exfoliants that would probably not be gentle enough. I used it thrice in a week, usually at night to get rid of all the grime and make-up off my face. 

I personally feel that the suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N is not only suitable for dehydrated, combination and acne-prone skin, it is gentle enough for all skin types. I will especially recommend it to people with sensitive skin, as it can be hard finding a suitable exfoliant.

Since it is a cleanser that works to exfoliate the skin, I will suggest skipping the toner and keep your skincare routine simple. Use a light moisturiser and spot cream on your blemishes after using the suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N.

Even though it is gentle, it is still recommended that you only use it 2-3 times a week to prevent from over-exfoliating. It will not clear your skin in just a few washes, but you will see an improvement over time. The price is on the higher end, but I will repurchase it because it has been effective even after only 3 washes.

You can get the full-size product (32 capsules) from Lazada, Shopee, Don Don Donki and Welcia-BHG for SGD 27. If you would like to try before you purchase, you can redeem your FREE suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N samples here.

Article is written by Sample Store Writer, Madeline Phang.



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