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Penetrates Into Skin Quickly(23.1%)
Skin Feels Softer After A Few Usages(19.3%)
Skin Feels Smoother After A Few Usages(17.4%)
Soothes Redness(12.6%)



Very Good








Adek MO Chuisle Influencer

On 05 Aug 2017

Good product

I give my husband to use this.. suit him most...

lim jia wei Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017

almost liquid texture that disappears into skin

I like the liquid texture, not as easy to apply on the face though. It provides a little hydration and a little shininess to the skin, for that price its ok i guess. would want more impact.

Annamae Tan Diana Influencer

On 14 Apr 2017

Its okay but not so excellent

I dont like the texture and smell and the sample is really small to make judgement of the whole produc

Michelle Thong Influencer

On 07 Dec 2016

At the point of time using it, it was good. It feels moisturizing. However, on the 3rd day, my face starts breaking out, and no, it wasn't my period.

charmaine chang Influencer

On 27 Oct 2016

The essence have a werid smell to it but it absorbs very fast and skin feels more supple. Will consider buying the full size product.

Elaine Wang Member

On 16 Jul 2018

Great Product.

The scream is really good when it comes to oily skin I don't recommend it for dry skin. It has a gel texture that feels a bit oily on the skin. But it does make your skin feel like it has moisture it doesn't absorb that well though however it's really smooth. It has a smell that's really fresh and oceany.

Baoling Ng Member

On 10 Jul 2018


Smoothing and smell nice, will take the product itself

Chee Yin Member

On 10 Jul 2018

effectively moisturized my skin, no oily feeling, very good.

after trying this product, i think it effectively moisturized my skin, no oily feeling, very good.

Charmine Chen Member

On 07 Jul 2018

Very moisturizing !

Very moisturizing .... I will consider to buy

Jane Member

On 25 Jun 2018


The product is light, non-sticky and smells nice. However, it came in a flyer for redemption discount for Sept 2016, which made me wonder if about the expiry date of the sample (it was not printed on the sample itself).