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Alicia Influencer

On 04 Sep 2018

Really bitter

Soak the tea bag in the water for some time and the tea turns out to be really bitter.

Stephanie Law Influencer

On 25 Jul 2018

Healthy, caffeine-free tea that is great for your health!

Great tea for detoxifying the body. It has a bitter flavour and you can definitely taste the bitter gourd in it which I actually like but it may be a bit too bitter for some people. It also contains goji berries which I'm a big fan of as it's good for the eyes and various other things and I usually try to eat them every day in my breakfast oats. The tea is caffeine-free so it can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

Annabel Yeo Influencer

On 04 Jul 2018

Refreshing twist to the average tea

Frankly was expecting a strong herbal taste from this particular tea, but to my surprise, it was light on the palate and fragrant. Though admittedly, leaving the teabag for a longer period of time resulted in a slightly bitter after-taste which some may not fancy. Nevertheless, a good refreshing drink to kick start my mornings!

Amabel Lim Influencer

On 03 Jul 2018

Interesting product

Interestproduct, although the directions seems to be of a hassle thus did not follow through

Felicia Influencer

On 28 Jun 2018

Bitter but refershing

Best not to leave the tea bag in the water for a long time as the tea may get really bitter. But overall, its quite refreshing!

Felicia Lee Member

On 16 Sep 2018

Too Bitter

I guess most beneficial for health products are relatively bitter. This one takes the cake. I couldn't finish my cup of tea. Not entirely a bad tea if you're into bitter beverages.

Alena Tan Member

On 14 Sep 2018


Great taste and quality. Soothing and favourful .

Jennifer Koh Member

On 11 Sep 2018

Doesn't like the taste.

After trying this pack, i don't like the taste. It's too bitter.

Yingjie Member

On 04 Sep 2018

Lots of goodness in a bag

I read the ingredients and there were many good stuff inside, so was really looking forward to trying it. However, the taste was a little too bitter for my liking. If you love bittergourd, you might love this!

Jess Phua jinghui Member

On 02 Sep 2018

Great tea

Great taste