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Skin Feels Smooth After Use(22.2%)
Texture Of Product(22.2%)
Mattifying Power / Shine Control(21.1%)
Hydration Level(17.8%)
Moisturising Power(16.7%)



Very Good








jankliciouz Influencer

On 15 Aug 2018

Love it!

about the Lotion. I use this after cleansing my face, and after application to my skin, loved how it was non-sticky and moisturising in the right amount! As for the moisturiser, I liked how this moisturiser is light in texture, and absorbs easy for me. Importantly, no sticky feeling because hey, the last thing you want living in a tropical humid climate is a sticky face!

Michelle Tang Influencer

On 09 Jun 2018

Product does what it promises!

I love that my makeup stayed longer throughout the day and that my T zone area was significantly less oily!

Karen Ashley Ng Influencer

On 05 Jun 2018

Perfect for oily to combination sensitive skin

Bioderma Sebium Mat Control doesn’t look like much, but it is designed to give you 12-hour hydration that utilises Fluidactiv to regulate the quality of sebum. It reduces shine instantly. I love how it minimises the appearance of pores and works so well with my sensitive skin.

Kiyoko Yasuda Influencer

On 01 Jun 2018

What my oily, combination skin was looking for!

The smell of the product is pretty nice too - it feels...clinical? I'm not sure if that makes sense but it feels like it will deliver results (LOL) Whenever my period comes rolling around, my skin breaks out like MAD and when I was trying these two products I was just about to get my period. To my surprise, my breakouts weren't crazy like usual and I only got 1 breakout. WHICH IS RARE! If you have combo/oily skin like me - definitely give this skincare range a go!

Adeline Lai Influencer

On 01 Jun 2018

Love this product

I love how amazing this product smell and how much it was able to control oil and shine for my skin!

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