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Rebecca Lim Influencer

On 24 Nov 2017

Like a regular moisturiser.

Not too sure if it is because of the size, I was not about to see immediate results after application. Might try the retail sized one to see if it really works.

Ruifen Influencer

On 22 Oct 2017


after trying this product, i really liked it! my skin has become more refreshing. will recommend it t my friends and family!

Jas Tan Influencer

On 20 Sep 2017

This product is awesome.... Thanks for a great deal

This product is awesome.... Thanks for a great deal

E. Zhang Influencer

On 30 Aug 2017

Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream With Royal Jelly & Atp

Was essentially born with a round face from birth, tried out this product and my face doesn't look so round after a few days. I am not really sold on the idea that applying a product on my face will actually help in sharpening my chin area from round to V-shaped. Although I can without a doubt feel that my skin looks less troubled, somehow it just became a really good moisturiser for my skin instead. And my double chin looks less prominent after using this product too.

Patricia Influencer

On 26 Apr 2017

Not much effect

Did not see a vast difference in face lifting. I did not enjoy the smell of the product too much either.

Kaelyn Tan Member

On 18 May 2018

I love this product!

Awesome product and I went to buy the retail product after trying it! Skin feels firmer..

Joelyn Koh Member

On 18 May 2018

Decent moisturiser

It's not bad, just that it leaves a slightly sticky feel after.

Ferlyn Gian Member

On 18 May 2018


It’s nourishing but i cant see the lift. Perhaps sample is too little to see effects

Wilma Member

On 15 May 2018

Nicer product!

It is smooth and mosturize my skin very well. Probably need to continuous usage to show the effevt.

Dolly Teo Member

On 14 May 2018

Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream With Royal Jelly & Atp

Like this product as it is light and non-sticky. I would recommend this product to my friends

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