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Use For Muscle Of Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Ankle, Calf And So On.(18.8%)
Massage Of Knotted, Bruise Or Discomfort Muscles And Joints.(14.6%)
Massage Of Senile Muscles, Joint, And Nerves.(12.5%)
Use For Flexibility Improvement (back, Shoulder, Knee Etc. ) And Injury Prevention During Exercising.(12.5%)
Massage Of Lower Body For Person Who Standing For A Long Time Or Wearing High Heels.(11.5%)



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lim jia wei Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017

easy to apply and absorb into skin

wait a while before ache goes away. texture is like moisturizer so its nice and consistent, easily absorbed into the skin. Thats the bonus.

Josephine Foo Member

On 01 Dec 2017

So-So Product

The cream / lotion tends to dry too fast on skin. The moment you put on the affected area, after two rubs it dries off. However, it has a nice minty scent.

Vivian Foo Member

On 27 Nov 2017

Not fastastic

Need to apply a lot and the cooling sensation lasted a while only.

Nur Azura Binte Mohd Razali Member

On 24 Nov 2017

Recommended for use!

You can feel the relieving effect upon one application. Super relaxing and effective. Will buy more.

Nancy Wan Member

On 21 Nov 2017

Awesome product

I really like the product. A good try. Sticky but effective for my osteo arthritis and long standing at work.

Navya Ashok Member

On 21 Nov 2017

Good product

This works fine.. with the first application it swas of.. toe got sprained and apply this gel .. it makes cooling sensation on the affected area.. and minimizes the pain gradually.. after 2 to 3 applications totally gone