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Dil Skarsgård Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Surreal Experience! Feeling Like a Barista Brewing the Best Coffee!

Experiencing true taste of Coffee with an aromatic flavour. Sample Store really allow me to experience what is it like to be a true Barista brewing coffee, minus the long queue and difficult patrons. Thanks!

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Great Instant Coffee

Very easy to make in office, it's smells good and has great taste will going to try it with milk next time

Alicia Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Love the fragrance!

Love the smoothness of the coffee! It taste great alone without adding any creamer or sugar.

jankliciouz Influencer

On 01 Nov 2018

Good taste

What's special about this product is that the coffee beans specifically blended by chief barista with a specific roasting degree to create quality gourmet coffee, the brand insists on using 100% fresh Arabica coffee beans from high mountains! Really love the taste!

Foo Si Mian Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

convenient way of getting good coffee!

love the drip bag design, fuss free and not messy at all. just pour water over it, wait for the water to drain and chuck the bag away! coffee is a little more to the mild side, but still fragrant and not acidic.

Dolly Teo Member

On 14 Nov 2018

Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee (gourmet blend)

Don't like the after taste which had a weird taste and was too light for my liking. It actually smell good , better than it tasted.

Hazidah Kasmani Member

On 12 Nov 2018

Nice aroma

Has a nice aroma and is made from high quality coffee beans.

Sue Yeo Member

On 11 Nov 2018

Convenient design

This has a nice aroma and is easy to make coffeee daily .

Terence h Member

On 09 Nov 2018

Better than yakun

it is easy to brew. It achieves Barista Coffee’s success as a leading brand in the market of drip coffee.

Lee Yian Hian Member

On 09 Nov 2018

Bitter taste

the quality of gourmet coffee. We insist to use 100% fresh Arabica coffee beans from high mountains and focus on the formula of keeping advantages of various coffee